Are scholarships awarded to only those at the top of their class?

No, while academic performance plays a significant role in the award of scholarships, other factors like parent's income and family background are also given weightage.

Can I loose my scholarship, after it is awarded?

It all depends on the Trust/Foundation which have offered you the scholarship. Usually most of the Trusts/Foundations have some criteria, which they will check out periodically. If you do not meet the criteria, they reserve their rights to suspend or terminate your scholarship. However, they may resume your scholarship if you meet their criteria.

If I apply for an educational loan, will it have an adverse effect on my chances of winning a scholarship or will it result in an already-won scholarship being reduced?

No, Scholarship organizations understand that funds for college often come from a patchwork of sources, and therefore do not reduce scholarship sums because the recipient has won or borrowed additional cash.

I wanted to apply for a scholarship. Where do I start?

You can either submit an application to our trust from the "Application Form" page or refer to "other scholarships" tabs in this website and get in touch with them.