About US

About the Trust

Saraswathi Educational Support Trust (SEST) is a non profit organization that gives a helping hand to students who deserve to pursue university studies, but are not able to meet the financial demands. At present, the organization has only a few members to contribute towards this effort. However, by continually striving to find more members, we hope to increase our contribution in this direction significantly. SEST had so far contributed Indian Rupees  1,01,42,500  to  449  students. Please refer to "Achievements" page to see the complete details of scholarships awarded so far and Disbursement page to see the timeline of our disbursements along with significant milestones. Also refer to Students Feedback page to see the feedback of our students who were recipients of our scholarship.

 SEST is registered under section 12AA of Income Tax Act and therefore all Donations are exempt from Tax under section 80G.


Our goals

Our primary objective is to instill a sense of Social Responsibility to the student community and motivate them to become contributors.  Following are the goals of Saraswathi Educational Support Trust: 

1. To identify deserving and needy candidates. 

2. To provide financial support to these candidates. 

3. To provide guidance and moral support to these candidates. 

4. To motivate them to become contributors to society.



Our Message to Students

"Quitters never win and Winners never quit" . Your desires must become burning desires - a resolute will bend only upon achievement. An ordinary desire is weak and feeble. It lacks the passion - the obsession that is found in the burning desire. When you resolve to achieve with this sort of passion, there is nothing that hinders you from reaching the loftiest heights of accomplishment. Such a will to win is one of the secrets of Success. You can win if you think you can. Success often comes to those who dare to act; it seldom goes to those who are timid and always afraid of the consequences So just don't give up. Don't let financial hurdles to hinder your pursuits. We and lot of such Organizations are available to help you out. Please refer to the details given in our  *FAQ" , "Educational Loans" and "Other Scholarship" pages for more details.